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Routes are countless. Safety is foremost.

Mar 21, 2024    Hits:

For your safety and the safety of others, ZUST urges all students to pay special attention to the following reminders:

1. Obey traffic regulations and do not run traffic lights.

2. Please walk or take the bus and reduce the frequency of driving motorbikes and E-bikes to its mimimum.

3. If you choose to drive an E-bike, please drive carefully and slowly.

4. Only one person should be on the E-bike at all time.

5. Wear a helmet at all times and keep to the right side while driving an E-bike.

6. Do not drive an E-bike after drinking alcohol.

7.Charge your e-bike at designated area, rather than charging by pulling a wire from the room. It is forbidden to remove the battery from the e-bike and charge the battery in your room.

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