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Information Related to Students Visa



1.All new students and those who have changed their living address /passport should go to local Management and Service Station for Foreigners or local police station to do temporary accommodation registration within 24 hours

2.Foreigners residing in China illegally would get a warning; foreigners in serious cases would be fined 500 Yuan per day (The maximum fine will be kept below 10000yuan) or they will be detained for 5-15 days.

3.Foreigners work in China illegally would be fined 5000-20000yuan; foreigners in serious cases would be detained for 5-15 days and fined 5000-20000 Yuan. Categories of illegal employment are as follows:

1)Work in China but without working permit and working residence permit;

2)Work in China but beyond the scope of work permit limits;

3)Foreign students violate the provisions of the Part-time Work-Study Management Regulation and work beyond job scope and time limit.

4. During the period of study, foreign students had better not change your contact information. if changed, please inform international office to renew for you. If you fail to receive any notice due to your personal problem, all responsibilities should be beard by students themselves. And keep your eye open on class wechat or your email, notice board and IES website and IES wechat for new notice.

5. The Hangzhou Police Station will not extend the visa for students whose attendance below 70% in one semester.

6. Visa is personal affairs. Students should pay attention to visa date and come to the office to tell the staff to prepare the documents for you one week before the deadline and extend your visa as soon as possible.

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