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The Introduction of Five Continents Series

In recent years, the scale of international students in the ZUST has been steadily increasing and the activities of international students have been carried out with great enthusiasm, creating the brand activities of Five Continents series.

Five Continents Series focus on the organization and development of daily campus cultural and sports activities of international students, and is divided into three projects: Windows, Creativity, and Adventure.

Windows: The activities include A journey of Discovery in Zhejiang, International Culture Festival, Welcome Party, Opening Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, Warm Dormitory, 1+1 Chinese Traditional Culture Activities, International Students Union Activities, etc.

Creativity: Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship activities, which includes Internet+ competition, innovation and entrepreneurship lectures, Job Hunter Go and other innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

Adventure: focusing on various cultural and sports competitions, such as video contest, writing contest, Chinese speech contest, Top Ten Singers, Chinese classic poetry recitation, writing and speaking contest, Zhejiang university students' photography contest, Person of the Year, competitions held by the International Students' Association and International Cultural Exchange Association, etc.