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Regulations for International students residing in

Regulations for International students residing in the International Student Dorm

All the students livingin Tingsongand Donghe dormsshould observeRegulations for International students residing indorms.

Living regulations inDorms

1.Students should have valid ID cards such as passports to get registered for rooms. Students can enter designated rooms only after the registration.

2.Once assigned a specific room, the student cannot exchange it at will or take another room without permission.

3.Generally no lodging arrangement is made for the spouse or other family members. In case of special needs, family members can, with approvalISAC office, share rooms with the hosting students, but extra rent has to be paid.

4.Students should check the room equipment with the inventory of the goods when moving into the rooms and sign his/her name on the inventory. Property damages and losses should be paid for according to the original prices.

5.When living in the room, students should take good care of the facilities in the room. If anything in the room is damaged because of improper use, students should be responsible for repairing it or pay for the damage if it can not be repaired. Students are responsible for keeping the room (especially the wall) clean. When checking out, the room should be clean enough for next person to use. If cleaning or repair is needed to be done by ZUST, the cost (ranged from 20 to 50 Yuan) should be paid by students themselves.

6.Room expense should be paid on time, otherwiseelectricity supply will be cut offtwo weeks later and students should move out.

7.There are long-term payment and short-term payment for the accommodation.

In general, the period of living is no less than one semester.If a student wants to extend his/her living,he/she shouldapplyat the end of the semester in advance.The payment will be based on the long-term payment,which includes accommodation fee and electricity fee of winter and summer vocation.

If Students who want to check out at the end of a semester should informAccommodationAffairOffice (Tingsong building5,Room 237) one week in advance. If Students who want to check outduring vacation,at the beginning of the semester or in the middle of a semester, he or she should inform the International Dormitory Office one month in advance. And students should pay accommodation feeandelectricity charge (80 Yuan per day/single room, 40 yuan per day/ double room) for the days when living in Tingsong Dormitory, (60Yuan per day/single room, 30 yuan per day/ double room) in Donghe Dormitory. If students do not pay on time, the fee will be deducted from the deposit money.

8.During the time of traveling or leaving for his home country, a student is not allowed to lend his room to others or carry out activities against Chinese law or university regulations.

9.Students are not allowed to put up a guest for the night, transfer, or rent his bed (room) to someone else. is the students’ responsibility to keep their rooms and their surroundings clean. It is not permitted to post propaganda materials such as slogans or paintings at public places. Students should not place objects in the corridor, toilets or washing rooms. Bicycles should be parked at the designated places.

10.Students should take good care of the public property like microwave oven and washing machine. If a student damages the public property, he or she would get punishment.

11.Students should lock the door when they leave, deposit big sums of cash in the bank, and take special precautions against theft for valuables.

12.Raising of poultry or keeping of pet animals in the dorm is not allowed. Violators who do not take warnings will get their pets confiscated byInternationalStudentsDormitoryOffice.

13.Quietnessshould be maintained in the dorm. Students are not allowed to createundue noise by yelling or turning up radio/Hi-fi. Nor can they indulge themselves in excessive drinking, gambling, or holding evening dancing parties.

14.Precautions must be taken against gas or electricity related accidents. Electric geyser should be unplugged before taking a shower. TV sets should be unplugged after watching.

15.For saving energy and money, students should turn off all the electric appliances.

On Use of Electrical Appliances

1.For the safety of the International Students, it is forbidden to use electric, alcohol heaters or electric blanket. Violators shall get their appliances confiscated. The students are responsible for accidents which might arise from using the above mentioned appliances. Cigarette light and kindling shouldbeforbidden.

2.If there is any disorder with electric lights or the circuit, students should report them toDorm Officeso that electricians could be called to examine and fix them. Students are not allowed to disassemble or fix them.

Receiving Visitors

In order to provide comfortable study and living circumstances, visitors should observe the following rules:

1.Visitors should observe rules and regulations ofdorms.

2.Visitors are not allowed to take any poultry and pets.

3.Talking loudly and excessive drink are forbidden.

4.All visitors should leave thedormsbefore 22:30.

5.Visitors areforbiddento stay overnight with the hosting students.

Procedure for students who want live off campus:

1.Submit the Appliction Form for Off-Campus Accomodation to theInternational Students Affairs Centerand provide the accomodation contract and other relevent material for checking.International Students Affairs Centerwill sign, seal and keep it for checking.

2.24 hours after moving in , students should take their passports and other official certificates to the local police stationand Management and Service Station for Foreignersto make a temporary residence registration , fill in the Registration Form of Temporary Residence and receive Warrant Form of Temporaray Residence;for those living in private houses, the owner’s ID card and certificate of House Title should be provided. For those living in a company domitory, a certificate of house ownership and recoomendation letter should be provided. If renting a house, the renting contract should be provided.

3.Make copy of the Warrant Form of Temporaray Residence and send it to theInternational Students Affairs Center. Provide your telephone number.

4.International students change living accomodations multiple times they should perform the above procedures each time.

5.The international students living off-campus should be cautious and should call the police in case of emergency.