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Must-knows at ZUST

一、Life Service Guidance

Q.1: What are the responsibilities of SOIE, Logistics Department, and Subordinate Schools respectively?

School of International Education (SOIE, Room 409, 411,413 floor of West Library): admitting students, daily services, visa issues, scholarships, collecting tuition and insurance fees, organizing activities.

Logistic Department (Tingsong Restaurant second floor, office number 237): collecting accommodation fees of Tingsong dormitory and providing accommodation services.

Subordinate schools: All teaching affairs, asking for leave, transcripts, major-changing, selecting courses, retaking courses, etc.


Q.2Can students ride gas or oil-powered motorcycles on campus or in Hangzhou? What about e-bikes?

No, it is forbidden to ride a gas or oil-powered motorcycle. You can ride e-bike, but if you ride e-bike, please finish your registration procedure and get a driving license. E-bikes with maximum speed over 20 kilometers/per hour and/or maximum weight over than 40 kilograms are considered illegal in Hangzhou. Please do not ride high-powered e-bikes.


Q.3: Do all new students need medical check before starting class?

Yes, all new students should take the required health examination at the designated hospital at a scheduled time. If students completed the physical examination overseas, they should have the examination certified by the Hangzhou International Health Center. If the health condition of an individual does not meet health standards of China, their admission qualification will be canceled.


Q.4: Do all students need do medical check each year?

Yes, all students in campus are required to do a medical check each year.


Q.5: If my visa or resident permit will expire soon, how can I extend it?

Visas are personal issues. If you need to extend your visa, please tell your advisor to prepare visa extension materials for you at least 2 week before your visa expires. Do not come to take visa document at last day your your visa deadline.


Q.6: If any emergency occurs and I need insurance services, how does my insurance work?

The insurance can only be used in Chinese Public Hospital. It covers the cost of hospitalization and incidence. When you are hospitalized in a sickroom or have an accident, you should call teachers from SOIE or call 400-810-5119 transit 1 within 24 hours. SOIE will help to contact the insurance company to enquire the possibility of paying fees for students in advance. Those who report after 24 hours must pay fees by themselves, then claim insurance after recovery. Insurance will not cover any accidents which occurred under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Q.7: Does insurance cover outpatient fees?

Yes, it covers part of it. The daily limit of the amount to be considered by insurance is 600 Yuan and the pay line is 650 Yuan (deductible franchise) and the percentage is 85%. For example, the first time you paid 800yuan, the second time you paid 500yuan, the insurance you can claim is (600+500-650)*85%


Q.8: Does ZUST provide scholarships for students? How and when can I apply for it?

Yes, the University will notice all students and accept scholarship application in June every academic year. We will make evaluation of all scholarship applicants on your final scores, attendance, social services, SOIE activities involvement, etc.

Q.9: Where can I read regulations at ZUST?

Students can and should read the International Students Handbook which covers almost all regulations at ZUST and obey them. Students should stay away from excessive drinking, taking or selling drugs which are forbidden by Chinese law and should be clear with insurance policy.


Q.10: What should I do if I change my living address, passport information or contacts?

Please come to register in SOIE office first within 24 hours. If your new address is on campus, you are required to make new accommodation registration in dorm office Tingsong 5-237. If your new address is off campus, you should go to the local police station to register. The accommodation and passport information registration must be done within 24 hour after the change has occurred according to Chinese laws.


Q.11: Can I cook in my room in school dorm?

No. Students should cook in public kitchen and put all cooking devices in a locker inside the kitchen. Using electric blankets, immersion heaters, infrared heaters and other high-power electrical appliances in rooms is forbidden. Additionally, lodging guests in dorms is forbidden.


二、Study Guidance

Q.12: How can international students change their major?

Each international student is entitled to the right to change their major one time during his or her study period at ZUST. International students who apply for a change of major shall be able to meet the requirements of target major. International students should submit the application to their respective department heads in their major school at the end of each semester.


Q.13How do suspended students return to school?

Students should apply for resumption 4 weeks in advance (hospital proof should be provided for illness suspension). After getting permission from the subordinate school, School of International Education and Teaching Affairs Department, resumption procedure can be started.


Q.14: What is the HSK requirement of graduation qualification for Bachelor degree students?

All students must pass HSK, otherwise ZUST will not confer any degree.

  1. Bachelor students in English-taught major should pass HSK 4 with 180 points or higher

  2. Bachelor Students in Chinese-taught major should pass HSK 5 with 180 points or higher

  3. Bachelor students in Business Chinese major should pass HSK 5 with 210 points or higher

  4. Master students in English-taught major should pass HSK 3 with 180 points or higher

  5. Master students in MTSCOL major should pass HSK 6 with 180 points or higher

Q.15: If I fail some courses, what can I do?

Your major school will arrange free make-up exams at the beginning of new semester. If you fail the make-up exams, you should pay retaking-course fee and retake the courses. For more details, contact your major school.


Q.16: How much does it cost to retake a course?

If students fail the make-up examination, they have to retake the course and should pay 70% of the credits fees. If the student fails the second time, he should pay 100% of credits fees when he retakes the course.


Q.17: In what condition will students be expelled from the University?

International students will be expelled from the university if they have one of the following situations:

1. Voluntary withdrawal from school;

2. Those who do not register in 2 weeks after the supposed time period without reasonable reasons;

3. Those who fail to finish all the courses in scheduled period;

4. Those who fail to resume their study after schooling suspension period or who fail to pass the post-suspension review;

5. Those who are unable to study at school due to illness or disability with a diagnosis designated by a hospital;

6. Those who are absent for schooling for more than 2 weeks or more in succession;

7. Skip 50 hours or more of classes within one semester.

8. For those who have obtained less than half of the mandatory credits. Respective subordinate school will first give a paper warning, which will be kept on file in School of International Education. If such phenomenon appears a second time, respective subordinate school and School of International Education will give them a drop-out paper warning. If such phenomenon occurs a third time, the student shall be ordered to quit school.

9. Those who have received a paper warning from School of International Education three or more times due to serious negative social influence unto the school due to violation of national Chinese discipline and law,

10. Taking anti-Chinese words and deeds seriously during the period of school.

11. Violating Chinese laws or being placed in custody by the Chinese law authority.

12. Those who apply for tuition fee deferment but are unable to clear the arrange beyond the deadline.


Q.18How to ask for leave?

Students should go to your major school to ask for leave. In general, students are not allowed for private affair leave. International students who are ill and unable to attend classes should provide a medical certificate from the school clinic or an acceptable hospital to ask for leave. Missing class without a previously granted absence or missing class after the granted time will be considered as skipping class (unexcused absence). For more details, check the International Students Handbook.


Q.19: Is my attendance important?

Yes, if your final attendance is below 70% within one semester, the immigration office will reject your visa extension and force you to leave China. Attendance is an important standard for scholarship application. Students who never miss any class for one academic year are eligible to apply for Scholarship for Hardworking.


Q.20: What will happen if students violate the examination disciplines?

ZUST will not award degrees to any student found cheating in examinations. Any behavior that violates the examination regulations will have consequences including a warning, serious warning, demerit point, probation or exclusion according to the seriousness of the case.


Q.21:What is the visa policy for students who can not graduate as scheduled?

According to Rules and Regulations Concerning Student Status for International Bachelor-degree Program Students (Chapter 4, Article 24), the schooling of an international undergraduate student lasts 4 years (Architecture and Urban and Rural Planning 5 years). Those who cannot graduate in time for any reason can apply for an extension. The extension can be 4 years at most. Therefore, students who reached the completion of their study can apply to write exams aiming to obtain their graduation certificate. This must be within a span of 4 years after completion of their study. Degraded students should complete their study within the required periods. In order to strengthen daily management, the University has hereby made the following amendments:

ZUST will evaluate and decide whether or not to help bachelor degree students apply for a visa for a maximum of 5 years starting from the date registered at ZUST( Architecture and Urban and Rural Planning 6 years), If a student fails to pass their respective diploma exams within required 5 or 6 year period and still wishes to apply to write graduation exams, they are obligated to leave China; then return to sit for the exams at a stipulated time. The University will assist in helping students obtain their short stay visa.  

The visa issue for master’s degree students refers to the above regulations; one more year is added to visa for scheduled study duration.