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ZUST Excellent Foreign Degree Student Scholarship

1. Applicants of Foreign Degree Stduent Scholarship

This scholarship aims to encourage diligent and hardworking international students pursuing a bachelor or Master degree at ZUST.

2. Qualification of Foreign Degree Stduent Scholarship

a. Officially registered self-funded international Degree stduents of ZUST who have not applied for suspending schooling, have not lost student status nor have delayed graduation

b. The applicant should have the right attitude towards study, be diligent and have received good marks during the previous academic year

c. The applicant should actively participate in the social service activities and other social activities organized by the university or the international college

d. The applicant should abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the rules and regulations of the university. The applicant must not have been given any form of punishment above and including a warning.

3. Levels and Quotas for Scholarships

The Outstanding Foreign Degree Stduent Scholarship consists three levels:

The first level covers 100% of the annual tuition fee;

The second level covers 70% of the annual tuition fee;

The third level covers 50% of the annual tuition fee.

The number of candidates will be confirmed by the International Stduent Affairs Center according to situation.Whether to acquire the scholarships depends on your performance in the former academic year.

4. Application Materials:

a.Application Form for ZUST Excellent Foreign Degree Students Scholarship;

b. Transcripts from the previous academic year;

c. Reference letter from the class adviser and the department.

5. Application Procedures and Evaluation

ZUST Excellent Foreign Degree Students Scholarship will be evaluated annually. Applicants should submit application materials before July 10th to the International Student Affairs Center(Management Office 409). No late applications will be considered. International Stuedent Affairs Center will announce the candidates before September 10th each year.



6. Contact Information

Mr. Gao Mr.Sun

OfficeWest Building of Library,409

Tel: 0571-85070093;85070082


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