International Student Alumni Association

Articles of the International Student Alumni Association of School of International Education, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 This association is named “浙江科技学院来华留学生校友会”, English translation: International Student Alumni Association of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Abbreviation: SOIE-ISAA. Affiliated to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Alumni Association.

Article 2 This association is a mass social organization established by the voluntary organization of foreign students who have studied at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology for both long-term or short-term periods.

Article 3 The purpose of the Association is to abide by China's national policies and regulations, and carry out activities within the scope permitted by the Constitution and laws; strengthen the connection and cooperation between alumni at home and abroad, and between alumni and their alma mater, and carry forward the alma mater's "advocating morality and seeking truth" The fine tradition of "innovation" contributes to the development and exchange of higher education in the world, and to the realization of a distinctive socialist Zhejiang University of Science and Technology alma mater.

Article 4 The venue of the Association is located in the International Education College of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.

Article 5 The main business of the Association is:

1. Strengthen the connection and contact between alumni at home and abroad, and between alumni and their alma mater.

2. Organize alumni exchange and fellowship activities.

3. Report the development of the alma mater to alumni and alumni groups at home and abroad, and expand the influence of the alma mater.

4. Provide alumni with all kinds of help and support them to do a good job in serving the world's economic construction and social development.

5. Assist alumni to return to their alma mater for visits and carry out academic exchange activities, etc., and do a good job in liaison and reception.

6. Alumni or groups of alumni are encouraged to raise a career development fund for the school.

Chapter 2 Members

Article 6 All foreign students and research scholars who have studied or advanced at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology can apply to join the Association if they recognize the Constitution of the Association.

Article 7 Membership procedure:

1. Submit the "Registration Form for Membership of the International Students Alumni Association of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology";

2. After discussion and approval by the council, they become a member of the association;

3. A membership card is issued by the Alumni Council.

Article 8 Rights of members:

1. Priority to receive services from the Association;

2. Participate in various activities organized by the Association;

3. All members of the association have the right to vote, be elected and vote;

4. Have the right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the Association;

Article 9 Obligations of members:

1. Abide by the constitution of the association and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the association;

2. Support and complete the work entrusted by the Association;

3. Support and care for the development of the alma mater, and assist the alma mater to carry out enrollment promotion activities in the host country;

4. Regularly provide the association with the development of education in the host country.

Article 10 Members are free to withdraw from the association, but they must go through the necessary procedures; for members who violate the purpose of the association or damage the reputation of the association, their membership will be canceled or suspended upon approval by the standing council.

Chapter 3 Organizational Structure

Article 11 The highest authority of the Association is the Member Representative Assembly. The congress is held every five years, and representatives are recommended by themselves or alumni. In special circumstances, the standing council decides, and it can be held in advance or postponed. The functions and powers of the Member Representative Assembly are:

1. Formulate and revise the articles of association of the association;

2. Elect the chairman, vice president and council;

3. Review the work plan and work report of the Council;

4. Discuss and decide on major issues related to alumni work;

5. During the congress, a presidium of the congress shall be established to preside over the meeting and implement the agenda of the congress.

Article 12 The council is the executive body of the association. When the congress is not in session, under the leadership of the chairman (executive chairman), it will preside over the daily work and be responsible for implementing the resolutions of the congress and the meeting plan. The council is held every two years, and in special circumstances, it can be held in the form of communication.

Article 13 The association is composed of the president, vice president, secretary general, deputy secretary general, and directors. The tenure of directors is five years.

Article 14 The functions and powers of the Council:

1. Execute the resolutions of the member congress;

2. Elect the president (executive president), vice president, directors, and secretary-general, and the council has the right to decide to dismiss the chairman, vice-president, and secretary-general;

3. Preparing to hold a member representative meeting;

4. Report the work plan and work report to the member congress;

5. Deciding on the admission or expulsion of members;

6. Decide to set up an office and lead the office to carry out its work;

7. Upon the decision of the Council, the Association may hire the person in charge of the office, and hire some well-known alumni or social talents as honorary presidents and consultants.

Article 15 The chairman (executive chairman), vice-chairman, and secretary-general of the association shall serve for a term of five years. 3 or more representatives voted in to take office.

Article 16 The president (or executive president) of the association shall exercise the following functions and powers:

1. Convene and chair the Council;

2. Check the member congress and the implementation of the resolutions of the board of directors;

3. Manage daily work;

Article 17 The Secretary-General of the Association shall exercise the following functions and powers:

1. Preside over the work of the association's offices and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

2. Assist the president (executive president), vice presidents and each branch to carry out alumni work;

3. Handle other daily affairs;

Article 18 The staff of the Association are all voluntary and will not be remunerated.

Chapter 4 Funding

Article 19 The source of funds of the association is:

1. alumni funding;

2. personal donation;

3. School or college funding.

Article 20 The funds of the association are used for office work and convening of the council and other matters related to the business of the association, and shall not be distributed among members.

Article 21 The Association will establish a strict financial management system to ensure that financial accounting data conform to the financial system.

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

Article 22 The Articles of Association shall come into effect on the date of approval by the first member representative meeting.

Article 23 The right to amend the Articles of Association belongs to the member representative meeting, and the right to interpret it belongs to the council.