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Safety Tips to Students

Mar 22, 2024    Hits:

Dear students,

Recently several severe fire disasters and traffic accidents happened, we are here to offer the following safety reminders, please read carefully and share with each other.

About Personal Health

1. Proper personal protection measures such as wearing masks in public, washing hands frequently are still necessary to flu prevention in spring.

2. When purchasing food, pay attention to the production date and the expiry date; Do not purchase food from unlicensed vendors.

3.Eat less snacks, fried or smoked foods. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before meals and cultivate good dietary hygiene habits.

About Drugs

1.We have been always taking a firm stand with the Chinese Government against drug abuse: ZERO tolerance! Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, complexion, age, gender, etc., any touch of drugs will result in the one and only punitive action, resolute and immediate expelling! Zero tolerance, Zero harm!

2. According to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, individuals involved in smuggling, trafficking, transporting, or manufacturing drugs, irrespective of the quantity involved, are subject to criminal investigation and punishment. The potential penalties encompass fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment, or even the death penalty.

3.Let’s work together to prevail over the war on drugs and embrace our green campus!

About Traffic Safety

1. Obey traffic regulations and do not run traffic lights. Please walk or take the bus and reduce the frequency of driving motorbikes and E-bikes to its minimum. If you choose to drive an E-bike, please drive carefully and slowly.

2.Only one person should be on the E-bike at all time.Wear a helmet at all times and keep to the right side while driving an E-bike.

3.Do not drive an E-bike after drinking alcohol.

4.Please do not ride non national standard electric vehicles on the road.

About Fire Safety

1. High powered appliances are not allowed in rooms. Do not smoke or burn stuff in your room.

2.Please cut off the power in your room before leaving. Cooking or lodging guests in your school dormitory room is forbidden.

3.Charge your e-bike at designated area, rather than charging by pulling a wire from the room. It is forbidden to remove the battery from the e-bike and charge the battery in your room.

About Tele-fraud

1. Be cautious when doing online shopping, especially when strangers ask for your personal information like ID number, bank information, passport No, and so on.

2.There is no free lunch in the world. Ignore any winning note or phone call. Delete any message mentioning click the link to get prize.

3.Do not buy things from any strangers by Wechat. Never trust strangers.


1.Special attention should be paid to cases such as illegal working with student visa, expired visas, unruly behavior due to alcohol, etc.

2.Please abide by social morality and public order. Do not make noise and disturb your neighbors at night.

3.The weather is getting hotter. For the sake of your safety, please do not swim in rivers, lakes, reservoirs etc.

Note: All students must comply with Chinese laws and regulations in addition to our university’s regulations and rules. Violation of laws and regulations will result in legal penalties and also punishment (from warning to expulsion from school) given by ZUST.

SOIE of ZUST  2024.3.22