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Notice on Winter Vacation

Jan 24, 2024    Hits:

Dear students,

The Winter Holiday is approaching. As scheduled, this holiday will last from Jan.24 to March 22024.The safety reminders are as follows, please read carefully and inform each other.

All students must comply with Chinese laws and regulations in addition to our university’s regulations and rules. Violation of laws and regulations will result in legal penalties and also punishment (from warning to expulsion from school) given by ZUST. Special attention should be paid to cases such as illegal working with student visa, expired visas, unruly behavior due to alcohol, etc.

Please arrange wisely your study and entertainment. In general, there is busy travelling during the holiday, so proper personal protection measures such as wearing masks in public, washing hands frequently are still necessary to flu prevention.

Please pay attention to traffic safety and observe traffic regulations when traveling or visiting friends. Remember to wear a helmet while driving e-bikes.

When purchasing food, pay attention to the production date and the expiry date; Do not purchase food from unlicensed vendors. Eat less snacks, fried or smoked foods. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before meals and cultivate good dietary hygiene habits.

Please abide by social morality and public order. Do not make noise and disturb your neighbors at night. Gambling and drugs are forbidden in China. Please stay away from gambling and drugs.

Please cut off the power in your room before leaving. Cooking or lodging guests in your school dormitory room is forbidden.

All classes start from March 4. Please attend class on time.

Take care and thank you for your cooperation. Wish you a nice holiday!

SOIE of ZUST  2024.1.23