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The 65th Job Hunter Go - SUPCON Recruitment

Dec 4, 2023    Hits:

SUPCON is one of the leading product and technology, solution and service provider of process automation. SUPCON serves various process industries such as oil & gas, chemical, power, building material, pulp & paper, metallurgy, food & beverage, public utilities, etc.

Combing our automation know-how with advanced digitalization technology such as IIoT, big data and AI technology, SUPCON is creating new values for our clients. SUPCON will continue to innovate new technologies, to unleash the potential of intelligence, and to tackle the greatest challenges in the industry, making work and life easier for all.

positionMarketing and Ecology Specialist Middle East and Africa region

Location:Saudi Arabia

Job Description

1. Responsible for regional market research, insight into market development trends, research peers and industry development status, regular market forecasting and intelligence analysis, to provide support for marketing and decision-making;

2. Integrated internal and external resources, planned and formulated integrated marketing creative plans for core products and market projects of new business, effectively enhanced brand awareness and reputation;

3. Responsible for planning and implementing offline industry exhibitions, new product launches, online live broadcasting and other market activities, including output activity planning plans, docking with suppliers' output service plans, coordinating with various departments, etc., following up the review of activity effects, and proposing optimization and improvement plans;

4. Actively expand cooperative enterprises, find more partners and attract more enterprises to participate in the ecology;

5. Responsible for the business development and relationship maintenance of partners, and establish long-term cooperation to promote the rapid promotion of business;

6. Complete business liaison and coordination with cooperative units, and maintain strategic ecological partnership;

7. Complete the related work assigned by the leader.


1. Bachelor degree or above, regional sales live marketing experience is preferred;

2. Be able to use English as the working language, have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

3. Have the ability of program design, program preparation, program promotion and publicity, and have a keen sense of market;

Have strong initiative, have strong expression and communication skills, analysis and problem solving skills;

5, integrity, can work under pressure, with a high level of enthusiasm and good sense of teamwork;

6, can adapt to overseas business trips.