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Reminders to All ZUSTers

Dec 22, 2023    Hits:

Dear international students, the semester is approaching its end and please pay attention to the following issues


Winter Protection

Winter is the season with cold air, rain and snow. Students are advised to dress appropriately to avoid illnesses.


Dorm Safety

The risk of fire accidents increases due to falling temperatures and increasing use of electricity in winter. The student dormitories, being densely populated areas on campus, deserve special attention to fire safety.

In case of sudden incidents like a fire in the dormitories, students should prioritize personal safety and take effective measures such as contacting the university security department 85070119, dial 119, or evacuating the site.

Please comply with fire safety regulations. Unauthorized wiring, storing flammable or highly toxic substances are prohibited; use of high-power electrical appliances (over 1000W, e.g., induction cookers, electric pots, instant heaters, electric heating pads, irons) in dorm rooms is strictly forbidden; do not bring electric bike batteries inside for charging; ensure to cut off the power supply when leaving the dorm room.


Traffic Safety

Please abide by traffic regulations during daily commutes to avoid running red lights, driving in the wrong direction, speeding, overloading, or carrying passengers on bicycles. Ensure to register your vehicles with the police and obtain the necessary licenses before hitting the road. Drive courteously, safeguarding your own and others' safety. In rainy or snowy weather, drive slowly and maintain a safe speed.


Examination Integrity

This semester is entering final exam week. Please prepare carefully, abide by exam rules and take the exam with integrity.

Examination integrity is every student’s obligation. Any behavior which violates examinations’ disciplines will receive warning, serious warning, demerit, probation or expulsion according to the extent of seriousness and ZUST will not award degree to any student who receives punishment of demerit, probation or expulsion. Specific regulations refer to Identification and Punishment on Examination Regulations Violation of ZUST in Handbook for International Students of ZUST.

We wish you all get good results in the final exam!