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Jul 24, 2023    Hits:

Dear students,

Typhoon DOKSURI will make landfall in China soon and there will be short-term heavy rains and thunderstorm in some areas in Hangzhou from July 27-29.

When the typhoon comes, individuals should pay attention to the following points:

1.Watch out for typhoon trends, listen to and watch media reports or get to know the latest situation of typhoon through meteorological consultation telephone and meteorological websites.

2.Close doors and windows to prevent rain when typhoon comes, and move flowerpots on windowsills or balconies to prevent them from falling.

3.After the weather station issued a typhoon warning, do not travel to the area where the typhoon passed or swim on the beach, let alone sail to sea.

4.Residents living in the building should close the windows, take away the things on the balcony ( flowerpots, clothes hangers, etc. ) and reinforce the objects that are easy to be blown outside.

5.Do not approach the window when the typhoon strikes, so as not to be hurt by the broken window pane blown by the strong wind.

6.Typhoon weather will cause water accumulation and slippery roads, which will affect driving or cars and cause accidents. Therefore, drivers must slow down when driving, and cyclists had better choose to walk and take buses in bad weather. Stay indoors to ensure personal and property safety.

7.Clean up the drainage pipes and keep the drainage unblocked.

8.If the tower of the high-voltage line is found to have fallen or broken, do not approach it, let alone touch it with your hands, as this can easily lead to electric shock accidents.

9.When the typhoon comes, some large billboards will fall, trees will be blown down and utility poles will fall on the ground. When the typhoon comes, it is better to avoid going out as far as possible.

Important Reminder: During the extreme typhoon weather, please close doors and windows, use electricity safely and try NOT to go out.

If an emergency arises, please contact the Security Office: 85070110/85070119 or contact your advisor.