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Encountering Zhejiang, ZUST "Chinese Bridge" Online Program Launched

Apr 11, 2022    Hits:

On April 11th, 2022,Encountering Zhejiang, ZUST"Chinese Bridge" online programsuccessfully launched. Nearly 300 students from 26 countries,including Russia, France, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia,Armeniaetc.,attended the opening ceremonyonline,tostart the journey of Chinese language learningand the exploration ofChinese culture, economyand technology.Ms.Tong Yunyun,Dean of School of International Education (SOIE),attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.

Firstly, on behalf ofSOIE,Ms.Tong Yunyun extended her warm welcome and sincere greetings toallthe students participating in this onlineprogram. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks tothe Center For Language Education and Cooperationof the Ministry of Education,for thegreat supportprovidedtoZUST.Ms.Tong Yunyun statedthat "Chinese Bridge" programserved asa bridgefor overseas students to study Chinese language, to learn about Chinese culture, and to explore Chinese society.

After the opening ceremony,studentsenteredtheir respective online classroomswith great enthusiasm to learn Chinese language.Theyalso attendeda lecture on "The Internationalization of Hangzhou and the Future Opportunities of InternationalExpats",whicharose extensive and favorable commentsand generated a lively discussion.

This online programEncountering Zhejianglasts for two weeks. In addition to the Chinese language courses,ZUSTteacherswillalsodelivera series of courses on culture, economy,science and technology for the students, such as "ColorfulLifeofInternational Studentsin Hangzhou", "Technological Achievement of ModernChina" and "Internet Industry in China",through whichstudents couldencounterwithZhejiangonline, experience thelocalculture, learn about high technology and perceive the life in Hangzhou, andthus to connect themselves with othersall over the world,tocarry out cross-cultural exchanges, andto tell the storiesof Chinafrom their perspectives.