Program Profile

Advanced Students Credits Exchange Pragrams

All the following majors are availabe!

1) ZUST English-taught Courses

1  Robotics Engineering

2  Computer Science and Technology

3  Digital Media Technology

4  Artificial Intelligence

5  Civil Engineering

6  Architecture

7  Food Science and Engineering

8  International Economics and Trade

9  International Business

10  Data Science and Big Date Technology

11  Visual Communication Design

2) ZUST Chinese-taught Courses

1       Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese)

2       International Economics and Trade

3       Computer Science and Technology

  Communication Engineering

5  Civil Engineering

  Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

7   Engineering Cost  

8   Architecture  

9    Urban and Rural Planning  

10  Applied Physics

11   Data Science and Big Date Technology

12  Information and Computational Science  

13  Food Science and Engineering  

14   Bioengineering

15  Pharmaceutical Engineering

16  Vehicle Engineering

17   Fashion Design

18  Product Design

19  Animation

20  Acting

21      Industrial Design

School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

˜★☆Machinery Design & Manufacturing and Automation

˜Material Deforming and Controlling Engineering

 ★☆Automotive Engineering

˜Automotive Service Engineering

˜Energy and environment system engineering

˜★☆Vehicle Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


School of Automation and Electric Engineering


˜Electric Engineering and Automation

˜Robotics Engineering

˜BuildingElectricity and Intelligence

△Mechanical Engineering(Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering Direction)

School of Information and Electronic Engineering

˜Digital Media Technology

˜■☆Computer Science and Technology

˜Electronic Information Engineering

˜Communication Engineering

˜Software Engineering

˜Artificial Intelligence

Mechanical Engineering(Advanced Manufacturing and InformatizationDirection)

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

˜★☆△Civil Engineering

˜Civil Engineering (Chinese-French Cooperative Program)

˜Urban and Rural Planning

˜Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering


˜Construction Costs

School of Biological and Chemical Engineering

˜★☆△Chemical Engineering and Technique

˜Food Science and Engineering

˜Biological Engineering

˜Pharmaceutical Engineering

˜Materials Science and Engineering

School of Environmental and Natural Resources

˜☆Light Chemical Engineering

˜Environmental Engineering

School of Fashion Technology(School of Art and Design)

˜Visual Communication Design

˜Environmental Art Design

˜★☆Fashion Design

˜Product Design


˜Apparel Design and Engineering

˜Industrial Design

˜Fashion Performance



School of Economics and Management

˜Industrial Engineering

˜Information Management and Information System

˜★☆International Economics and Trade

˜Financial Engineering

˜Logistics Management

˜International Marketing


˜Financial Management

˜△International Business

School of Humanities and International Education

˜Chinese Language and Literature

△Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

School of Science/School of Sugon Big Data Science

˜Information and Computational Science



˜Applied Physics

˜Data Science and Big Data Technology

˜Data Science and Big Data Technology (Chinese-French Cooperative Program)

△Applied Statistics

△Civil Engineering (Engineering Simulation Calculation and Statistics Direction)

School of Foreign Languages / Chinese-German Institute

˜English Language

˜German Language

Chinese-German Institute for Applied Engineering

German-taught Civil Engineering(Chinese-German Cooperative Program)


1.Applicants for Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning and Digital Media Technology, etc., are required to have fundamental skills in arts and painting, aesthetic judgment and perceptual thinking.

2.The major with symbol “”is the national-level key major, with symbol “”is the provincial-level key major, and with symbol “”is the school-level key major.

3.The major with symbol˜” is a bachelor’s degree program.

4.The major with symbol” is a master’s degree program.

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