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Application Call for “Chinese Bridge” Free Online Program

Oct 24, 2022    Hits:

1. Program introduction

This free online program targets at Chinese culture and language lover, inspiring their study aspiration, stimulating their enthusiasm and improving their Chinese proficiency.

Besides Chinese language courses, this program will also present a series of lectures about modern China, which will showcase China from the aspects of Zhejiang economy, internet, technological achievement. Meanwhile, Hangzhou will be introduced as a miniature of modern smart city so as to display modern China to students of this program.

a.Courses of program:Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and series lectures of modern China.

b.Time: November7th, 2022

c.Teaching Mode: Students will take lectures together except Chinese language class that they will be divided into 3 classes according to their Chinese level.

d.Tuition fee: free

e.Registration time: October20-November2, 2022

f.Certificate:Upon fulfilling program completion requirements, students will be awarded with Program Completion Certificate.


All applicants shall be

a.Non-Chinese native speakers who are interested in Chinese culture and language.

b.In good physical and mental condition, well performed both academically and behaviorally.

c.Students of this program are required to submit Vlogs to show their study achievement and feelings. Meanwhile, applicants of this program will be seen as no objection to the submission of their videos to “Chinese Bridge” website.

3.Application Process Procedures

a.Open online registration system: and register an account.(Google Chrome is recommended)

b.Tick “I agree” and then choose “Short-term Program” category. No need to scan the QR code.

c.Apply “Chinese Bridge”

d.Fill in application information

e.Upload application materials online.

Application Documents:a). A Scanned copy of passport photo page b). ID photo

After uploading required materials, the application will have come to the end and can skip the step of application fee as this program is free. Teachers will inform applicant of application result through email so please make sure that the email address filled in the system is correct.


School of International Education, ZUST






Address:No. 318, Liuhe Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province