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Outstanding Students of ZUST Daniel Sanchez

May 29, 2023    Hits:


Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Sanchez and I come from Panama. I’m currently in my third year here at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST) majoring in Digital Media Technology (DMT). I would like to share with you all about my experience as a student here at ZUST!

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When I was back home, I often heard about the potential China had obtained over the past few years and how it has been growing exponentially. However, I never thought I would come to China and study, since I was aware by the fact that it would include studying Chinese, which is considered by many as the hardest language to learn.

In addition,considering that coming all the way from Panama to China and studying here would become a financial burden. Fate came to me in the form of an opportunity, and that was to come to China and study without it being a burden to my family. With the help of the Chinese Government Scholarship, I could rest assured with the money and could heavily focus on my studies, and also learn about a different culture.

And from there on, I was living the life of a foreign student. Eventually, I came into ZUST and this is where my real adventure began.

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My time here in ZUST has been amazing. I have met and become friend of many foreigners and Chinese people, learned first-hand about Chinese culture in every aspect there is, attended engaging activities and competitions, even won awards for it. In addition, I took part of the school’s International Student Union.

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Ever since I arrived at ZUST, it has been nothing short of a welcoming sense. I have always been comfortable around other foreigners, even back home since I studied in an international school which was home for a lot of foreigners. In here, however, they are diverse and I can get first-hand experience and knowledge towards my interactions with them.

The teachers here at ZUST have always shown me their support and have been willing to give me a shot and prove both my abilities and the new skills I was taught from them. I have participated in activities and competitions were I have been invited by the teachers and even won awards and scholarships because of it. I have participated in activities such as a Summer trip going around Hangzhou, appearing as a cast in the university’s promotional video, being part of the basketball team, attending an anti-drug and anti-fraud talks. Even this year I’m currently working on a surgical VR project as their 3D modelling engineer where I optimize, fix or even create from scratch models.

During my second year, I was recommended by the former vice-president to be part of the ISU (International Student Union) to take the role for the vice-minister of the News and Publicity Department, which I gladly took and learned a lot from my time as the vice-minister. In the current year, I am the minister for the News & Publicity Department which handles the information about the events and activities going around the school and keeping the student body up-to-date with everything occurring outside and inside campus. From events held at school, to promoting safety tips, we here work hard to get all the information as soon as possible.

Closing Remarks

In the end, my time here has been nothing but a ride. Coming to China and most importantly choosing ZUST as my desired university to study was indeed a great choice and a brave one at that. Travelling from one side of the globe to the other one requires determination for it, and I’m glad I took it. I want to thank all my friends, teachers, and family members who were there all the way to support me and bring the best out of me as well, making the person I am today.

This is not the end for me, I want to continue to improve and bring out the best. I wish you all good luck and have a great day!