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2021 ZUST Discipline Delegates Recruitment Students in Red Badge at ZUST

Feb 1, 2023    Hits:

Do you still remember the red shoulder band team every morning liaising with lecturers in your classrooms,the team that is eager to maintain a good education milieu and keen to enhance a convincing academic atmosphere at ZUST.

They are ZUST Discipline team with a group of about 30 students,organized by ISAC in December 2018 with the objective of rectifying students’style of study and constructing a par-excellent academic environment at ZUST.

What do they do?

The team has been working tirelessly every morning,helping in the supervision of classes as well as encouraging fellow students to adopt good learning habits to improve their punctuality,attendance etc.Recently they hosted a very successful “Student attitude campaign”which dragged almost every student’s attention.

How to join?

If you want to do the service for students,please contact team Instructor Mr.Sun Hongyang with phone number of 13758114127 or wechat:shy25558

The team’s service is highly appreciated from ZUST administration and professors.Members will get more opportunities on activity and scholarships.