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Application Call for “Green &Intelligent Manufacturing for a Better Future” Chinese Bridge Online Program

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一、项目介绍Program introduction



This program is scheduled to begin on January 4th, 2023, with two weeks’ duration. It features a combination of Chinese language learning and Green &Intelligent Manufacturing-themed lectures, which enables international students to improve Chinese language proficiency, and get a hand on Chinese new energy and new material technology, 3D-printing technology etc. This program is tuition fee FREE.



The School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, School of Science/School of Big Data at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology boast remarkable advantages in discipline and major establishment as well as scientific and research talents cultivation with more than 30 years development.2 National-level Engineering Practice Education Center,2 Zhejiang provincial-level Practice Education Demonstration Center have been established. The two schools offer English-taught bachelor programs in Vehicle Engineering, Information and Computational Science

, Applied Physics, Data Science and Big Data Technology and English-taught master programs in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Statistics.

1. 课程内容:汉语综合、汉语听说、汉语阅读以及新能源与新材料技术领域的入门系列课程。

Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and a series of introductory lectures on Green &Intelligent Manufacturing.


Course Schedule 课程表




















2. 教学模式:根据汉语水平不同,进行分班教学。新能源与新材料技术系列讲座则进行合班授课。

Teaching Mode: Students will be divided into 3 classes according to their Chinese language level, namely Class A for Chinese language at Beginner Level, Class B at Medium Level and Class C at Advanced Level. Lectures on Green &Intelligent Manufacturing are taught in English and students will be arranged in one class.


3. Ø 招生规模 :120


4. Ø 费用:免费

Tuition: FREE

5.   开课时间:202314-16

Duration: Jan.4th to Jan. 16th, 2023

Ø 6. 报名时间:202314日前

Registration: Before Jan 4, 2023


7. 结业证书:学员完成课程要求后,项目学员将获得本项目结业证书。

Certificate: Upon fulfilling program completion requirements, students will be awarded with Program Completion Certificate.





Applicants shall be non-Chinese native speakers who are interested in Chinese language and Green &Intelligent Manufacturing.


Applicants shall be in good physical and mental condition with good academic performance and integrity.


Program participants are required to submit Vlogs to show and share their study achievements and feelings. Meanwhile, program participants will be seen as no objection to the submission of their Vlogs to the “Chinese Bridge” website. 


三、申请流程 | HOW TO APPLY

1. Individual application | 个人申请者

Please scan the following QR code for application. In the application, you are supposed to upload your scanned copy of passport page, please prepare it before you scan the QR code.










2. Group application | 集体申请者

If you want to apply with your classmates as a group or through admission agent, please scan the following code to download application form, fill in all info required and then email the application form together with all scanned copy of passport page to





联系方式 Contact


School of International Education, ZUST

E-mail: (for feedback video submission)






No. 318, Liuhe Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province