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Fire Drill! Protect myself!

Apr 1, 2024    Hits:

Dear students,

In order to let all of our students know how to protect yourselves in a fire disaster, ZUST will be holding a Fire Extinguishing and Emergency Evacuation Drill this Tuesday (tomorrow) at 14:30 in Donghe Dorm 7. We will simulate a real evacuation in case that a real fire disaster is to occur in the dormitory. In addition, you will how to escape from a disaster and learn how to put out real fire by using a fire extinguisher. It is a good practice chance and we hope all students can participate in this event.


1. Please understand this is only a fire drill. There will be an instructor on each floor of apartment 7, so do not panic! Listen to the instructors at present.

2. Please gather at the first floor at 14:30 tomorrow to receive towels and learn some knowledge of evacuation.

3. Make the towel wet and leave the room when you hear the fire alarm.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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