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Photography & Short-video Competition

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Focusing on stabilizing the enterprises, increasing the momentum, safeguarding safety, and promoting high-quality development, competitiveness and modernization, Zhejiang made every effort to do a good job, so that its economic and social development had entered a new stage, the quality of development steadily improved, people's lives and well-being continued to become better, social undertakings developed fast, the quality of the ecological environment saw overall improvement.

2. Participants

All ZUST international students

3. Participate through the following channel:

Scan QR code and join to the ZUST Photography & Short-video Competition Ding Talk group; Submit short video to Email:

4. Deadline

25th, August

5. Requirements

a. We expect you to share with us your experiences and insights of Zhejiangs history and humanities, economic development, rural revitalization, technological innovation, cultural education, ecological beauty, etc.

b. Photograph submission should be JPEG format, and above 3000 pixels. Video submissions should be more than 30 seconds, but less than 10 minutes, in MP4 format and under 1280*720 pixels, vertical videos are eligible. Each work shall have introduction within 300 words.

c. Entries should be original. Applicants shall not use material they do not own or have the rights to use. Applicants shall not infringe upon copyright and trademark rights and other legitimate rights of third parties. Applicants will assume all legal responsibilities if they violate this agreement.

d. Entries shall not include contents featuring pornography, violence, religious, and racial discrimination, or anything considered reactionary or illegal. Entries shall not be embedded with advertisements.