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About Us

Feb 1, 2023    Hits:

Panshi was created in the year of 2004 by Tian Ning and his team.

Our vision: Leading the global digital economic platform, keep to be firm as a rock and develop continuously for 107 years!

Our mission: Make the world with no lag-behind the economy.

Panshi devotes itself to the construction and development of global digital economy driven by digital economy and Internet big data technology revolution. With "Panshi Cloud" accumulated for decades, through the seven core cloud service under Panshi Global Digital Economy Platform, namely, SaaS cloud, Content cloud, Marketing cloud, Credit cloud, E-commerce cloud, Education cloud, Intelligent cloud, it creates global digital economy internet ecosystem including Business Ecological SaaS, Global Digital Entertainment, Global Digital Marketing, Internet Credit Authentication, E-Commerce Industry Service, Internet Education, AI and big data intelligent Platform.


Project operation or project manager

Job Description:

1.Operate local social Internet products in Nigeria.

2.Conduct marketing research of the related internet products in Nigeria.

3.Manage local business team.


1.Be able to use Chinese for daily communication.

2.Strong executive ability.

3.Proficient in Excel, operating data analysis and reporting.

4.Bachelor degree or above.


1.Abundant Internet related resources in Nigeria.

2.Familiar with local social, financial and Internet related products in Nigeria, as well as the main business models.

Salary range:

550,000-1,200,000 naira.

Those who are interested please bring your CV and come to office 407 of west library to register to Mr Nelson before April 22.