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Outstanding Students of ZUST EILEEN WIDJAJA

Apr 27, 2023    Hits:

I am EILEEN WIDJAJA from Indonesia, a final year Bachelor student in Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science) from School of Science of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. It will be my pleasure to share a little experience I have here in Hangzhou, especially ZUST.

I received Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for my first year, First Prize of Excellent Degree Scholarship for the second, third, and fourth year, and several Individual Scholarship from ZUST because of all the hard work I did in all of my classes and being active in the academic year.

ZUST is located in a very beautiful area in Hangzhou that can easily motivate students to study and also have a lot of fun. Looking at the campus, it is very breathtaking; the architecture of the buildings, lots of trees and flowers everywhere, the mountains, even Longjing Tea field are inside the campus. With that being said, the atmosphere in school is very suitable for students to live and study.

The activities that students can do and enjoy in Hangzhou are unlimited, visiting lots of beautiful places with beautiful scenery and finding out lots of history of China by the architecture. Not only outside campus, students can also do a lot of activity inside the campus, either activities arranged by the school or activities to do with friends privately. Even though I haven’t been in China for long because of the pandemic, I have been actively participated in a lot of activities arranged by campus online and offline. One of them is volunteering teaching English to kindergarten students in my first year.

Besides that, I also participated in the 2020 Internet+ Competition. Even though I did not get any prize for my project, but I learned a lot during the process of making that project. In 2020, I also participated in the Top 10 International Students and I got into International Students Nominees. In 2021, I participated in the Essay Competition for International Students with the theme “My Beautiful Encounter with China” and got third prize.

In ZUST, not only the activities that we would come across with, but also the people inside. There are a lot of International Students from all over the world and also Chinese students that we can be friends with and all the teachers that are very nice and helpful. Before coming here, I only have friends from Indonesia and now I can say that I have friends from a lot of places.

Now that I have come back to China, I am trying to help some new students here with the knowledge I have about ZUST so that they will have more experience and have more fun while studying here in Hangzhou, especially in ZUST. I want to encourage all of you to cherish the time you have here in Hangzhou and in ZUST because time is very precious, in a blink of an eye you will be graduating and move on to the next chapter of your life.

That was my short and precious experience with ZUST and I would like to thank all of the teachers and friends that I have here in ZUST that have made my almost four years in ZUST memorable.