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Hello friends! My name is Anabel. I am from Cuba and nowadays student of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. I am almost a graduated student of Master Degree in Chemical Engineering. I have been in China for 3 years and I would like to share my best memories at ZUST for the freshman.


I had a Chinese Government Scholarship to do my master, being a great opportunity to me to study and learn a lot about Chinese culture, costume, history and traditions.

The first impression was exciting and promising, but the language barrier and life style were a shock. My country has a communist political system as China and that helped me to understand many regulations here, but also the differences were present. I have been learning a lot and interchanging experiences of life and studies with many Chinese and foreigners’ friends, all of us have been learning of each other and raising our personalities for the life.



But also there was a dark period because the virus situation, being not easy for anyone, but the combined effort of friends, family and teachers I could overtake that circumstances.

Other important person in ZUST is my supervisor Dr. Xiaoyu Han, for her I feel the most profound respect and most sincere gratitude. She offered me the exclusive opportunity to work with her and introduced me to the delightful field of organic synthesis. I really thank her for all the hours dedicated to my thesis project, for help me to throughout my studies, her guidance and understanding. Her extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, inspiration and dedication to science will benefit me all over my life. No words of acknowledgement can express my honest gratitude and indebted to her. But I am also happy of the new friends I made during all my period in ZUST, my classmates, lab mates, and other friends from many countries. With them, I acquired much technical knowledge, interchange experiences and learn numerous practices that helped to improve my professional skills and personal values.




The teacher team from university has been promoting the inclusion and motivation of international students to participate in many activities. During my period on ZUST I have been participating in many accomplishments, such as: Anti-Drugs Talks 2019, 2020 and 2021, The Social Activity 2021, Trip in 2021 around Zhejiang Province organized by Chinese People’s Association for friendship with Foreign Countries with the aim to commemorating the centenary of the Communist Party of China, Mountain-Climbing activity 2021, Test on 2022 Olympic Winter Games and Win Awards, Essay Competition for International Students 2022, and others.






In all of these activities I met new friends and learned many things about economy, political and social development. I also could see the process of urbanization of rural areas in the province, giving a good perception about the life in county cities.


I can say these years in ZUST have been really productive to me to archive many personal goals. I want to thank ZUST for everything and to all my professors, you encourage me to grow up professionally, to think different and to meet many wonderful people that now I can call friends.