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ZUST students experience the culture of Southern Confucius

Dec 14, 2023    Hits:

More than 40 ZUST international students from Indonesia, Vietnam, Morocco, Romania, Zimbabwe and other countries were invited to Quzhou, the holy land of Southern Confucius on December 8th, 2023. They dressed in traditional Chinese Hanfu and visited the Confucian Southern Ancestral Temple, experiencing the profound connotations of Confucianism up close.


Visiting Southern Confucius Temple

The international students who first entered the Southern Ancestral Temple of the Kong family, under the guidance of the guide, learned about the history of the Kong family's southward migration, experienced the rituals of offering the Five Grains, Four Treasures of the Study, bowed to the statue of Confucius, and offered flower baskets. "Confucius is familiar to me. When I was young, I learned about his story through many channels. I feel very happy to visit the Confucius Temple and participate in the worship of Confucius," said Maria, a Ukrainian international student. When she mentioned her impression of Quzhou, she couldn't help but praise it. "This is a warm and polite city."

Visiting Southern Confucius Temple

During the two-day activity, international students also visited places such as the China Confucianism Museum, Shuitingmen Historical and Cultural District, and the Nianba Capital Ancient Town, immersing themselves in the magnificent Confucian style of the Southern Confucius Holy Land.

Enjoying Puppet Show

Visiting Ancient Town