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The new mission of transportation, the new future of industry —International students of our school visited the Hangzhou International Trade Fair

Dec 14, 2023    Hits:

On December 2, 2023, the 5th Zhejiang International Intelligent Transportation Industry Expo was held in Hangzhou, and more than 10 students from our school were invited to visit.


The expo attracted 37 international companies, covering 20 countries and regions such as Russia, the United States, Germany, France and Spain. The students visited high-tech exhibitions including transportation equipment, modern logistics, travel services and also visited the international transportation logistics cooperation Zone set up for the first time, focusing on logistics, shipping, land transportation and other scenes in a joint exhibition. The students listened carefully to the explanation of the various equipment and the working principle of the new system, and received the latest knowledge from the forefront of science and technology. Among them, a total of 40 exhibits were exhibited for the first time, including the Fuxing Asian Games intelligent EMU, a new generation of driverless port intelligent flat transport vehicles, the latest domestic pure electric vertical take-off and landing flying cars, electric heavy trucks with a Guinness World Record mileage and other treasures of the town museum. The exhibition launched the interactive experience area for the first time, including the sea, land and air heavy experience scenes such as Jiaolong and Tiangong 1 simulation module, intelligent bionic four-legged robot dog, media-free holographic AI robot and other Asian Games traffic black technology. Also invited to Qianjiang Motorcycle, Indian, Giant and other well-known domestic and foreign cycling brands, focusing on showing more than 30 fashion cars.

Jiang Yingyue, a student from Morocco, accepted the reporter's on-site interview and expressed her admiration and love for the development of modern science and technology. The students actively asked questions, learned about the rapid development of contemporary science and technology and their love for science and technology, and said that the activity was fruitful.