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Bachelor Degree Awarding Regulation for International Students of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Trial)

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This regulation is formulated in accordance with Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China, Regulations for Degree Awarding to International Students of General Institutions of Higher Education (Trial) issued by Degree Committee of State Council and Bachelor Degree Awarding Regulation of ZUST, in light of the concrete conditions of the university, and with the purpose of intensifying international communication and cooperation in tertiary education of ZUST, promoting steady development of education internationalization, normalizing operation of full-time bachelors’ degree awarding for international students in China.

Article 1   The composition and responsibility of University Academic Degree Evaluation Committee as well as degree evaluation by sub-committee of subordinate schools shall be carried out with reference to the implementation of the school degree regulations.

Article 2   All international undergraduates who meet the following conditions can be awarded with bachelor degree.

I. Students shall comply with the laws and regulations of China, obey school rules and regulations, and are with good character;

II. Students shall receive full credits stipulated by the cultivating program within the given years to be graduating from the school upon approval;

III. Students shall be able to master the basic theory, specialized knowledge and basic skills of the discipline with the preliminary ability to conduct scientific research work or special technical operation;

IV. Students’ level of Chinese language proficiency shall meet the requirements of the major’s cultivating program.

Article 3   For those who had any of the following conditions during the schooldays, a bachelor degree will not be awarded:

I. Those who violate laws and regulations of China;

II. Those who violate the rules and regulations of ZUST with demerit or more serious punishment;

III. Those who fail to earn enough credits or reach the level of Chinese language proficiency required by the major’s cultivating program;

IV. Those who have academic misconduct record during graduation design (thesis) and scientific research.

Article 4   Those who subject to demerit or more serious punishment at school can submit a formal application for the degree before graduation if they could meet one of the following conditions. A bachelor degree could be awarded to the applicant after review of the attended subordinate school, reexamination by the Teaching Affairs Department and approval from University Academic Degree Evaluation Committee:

Those who receive GPA of 3.0 or above (points of graduation design and graduation thesis not included);

Those who achieve honorary titles (school level and above), such as Best 10 University Students, Person of the Year of ZUST; those who win Second Prize of Outstanding International Students Scholarship and above for two consecutive years;

Those who have published at least one academic paper as first author (unit of the first author specified) on national (or above) core journals. The publishing time should be earlier than June 30 of the graduation year;

Those who obtain the third prize or above at A Level competitions, or second prize at B Level Competitions, or first prize at C Level competitions.( A Level competitions refer to discipline competitions included in the Quality Control Index of Provincial Department of Education; B Level competitions refer to national discipline competitions organized by Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education; C Level competitions refer to the discipline competitions organized by Provincial Teaching Guidance Committee or National Industry Committees/Associations. Prizes mentioned above shall be confirmed by Competition Committee of ZUST);

Those who take charge of one collegiate science and technology innovation project at provincial level or above;

Those who obtain patent certificate, software copyright registration as first authorized person from the State Intellectual Property Office. The time of obtainment shall be earlier than June 30th of the graduation year;

Those who obtain prizes in all kinds of sports and art competition at provincial level or above (top three in language and sports contest, leading player of a ball game team that comes in top three, or main actors in performances or performing competitions that win first or second prize);

Those who pass HSK Test with certain scores. Undergraduates of majors taught in Chinese and Business Chinese majors shall achieve a score of 210 at new HSK 6; students of other majors shall achieve a score of 210 or above at new HSK 5;

Those who have other special talents or outstanding contributions could be awarded a bachelor degree after the review of ZUST Degree Evaluation Committee;

Students who meet the above requirement shall provide original and photocopy of relevant certificates when applying for the bachelor degree.

Article 5   Those who fail to obtain a degree due to failure in gaining graduation certificate can achieve graduation certificate during renewal period. A bachelor degree will be awarded to student who meets the requirements of obtaining one.

Article 6   Each student only has one single opportunity to apply for a bachelor degree.

Article 7   Bachelor degree awarding procedures

The academic degree evaluation committee of subordinate school shall provide a list of students who should be awarded with the degree and students who fail to obtain the degree after reviewing materials concerning the scores and graduation appraisal one by one according to degree awarding regulations and submit it to ZUST Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for approval after reexamination by Teaching Affairs Department and Degree Awarding Office;

Students who comply with the provisions of Article 4 of this regulation may be granted with a bachelor degree if they submit a formal application in person with relevant materials attached for the review of the academic degree evaluation committee of subordinate school, reexamination by Teaching Affairs Department and Degree Awarding Office, and the approval of ZUST Academic Degree Evaluation Committee;

Students approved by ZUST Academic Degree Evaluation Committee can be awarded with the bachelor degree certificate by the university;

Article 8   Degree will be withdrawn after reconsideration of ZUST Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, if any fraud behavior or serious violation of this regulation is found.

Article 9   This regulation is suitable for students who enrolled in year 2011 and later. Students of all grades enrolled before 2011 shall be subject to the original regulations.

Article 10  The Office of ZUST Academic Degree Evaluation Committee reserves the right of interpretation of this regulation.


                                               President’s Office of ZUST            

                                                     February 28, 2015