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Regulation of changing major of International Undergraduates of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Trial)

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This regulation is formulated in accordance with Regulations on Enrollment of International Students in Institutions of Higher Education (Order No.9 by Ministry of Education, Ministry of International Affairs and Ministry of Public Security, 2000) by Ministry of Education, Guidance on Major Changing in Institutions of Higher Education in Zhejiang by Zhejiang Provincial Education Department (Order No. 165 by Office of Higher Education, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department, 2012), following the principle of reinforcing management and ensuring education quality, combining the concrete conditions of full-time international students in our university, and with the purpose of implementing the principle of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, giving students more choices in major selection, fully arousing students study enthusiasm and improving teaching quality.

I. Basic Principles of Changing Major:

(I). Each international student is entitled to the right of changing major one time during his or her study period at ZUST in principle;

(II). International students who apply for change of major shall be able to meet the language requirement of target major. (See Regulations of ZUST International Undergraduate Register Management, ZUST Office, [2013] No. 2 for details.);

(III). If students of spring semester apply for majors of fall semester, he can be incorporated into fall classes of the same academic year;

.(IV). Degradation shall be accepted by international students when credits of required course of target major are 18 points more (18 points not included) than credits of required course of the original major;

(V). Students who apply for change of major should be hard working with no records of academic misconduct or rule violations;

(VI). A letter of consent signed by the students parents or guardians is needed if the applicant is under the age of 18.

II. Students shall not be allowed to change their majors under following situations:

(I). Intercollegiate exchange students are not allowed to change their major in principle. If necessary, students shall gain consents from the sending institution and the receiving institution;

(II). Chinese Government Scholarship receivers are not allowed to change majors in principle. Administrators shall refer to Regulations of Chinese Government Scholarship Management for operation under special cases;

(III). International students who are in suspension of schooling are not allowed to change their major.

III. Basic Procedure of Changing Major  

(I). According to the features of different majors, subordinate schools shall formulate their own admission regulation that is practical and rigorous;

(II). International students shall submit Application Form of Changing Major of ZUST (for international students) (see attachment) and relevant materials before the end of each semester. The original school and receiving school shall examine the materials separately and report to International Student Administration Center for reexamination;

(III).. Major-changing applications of all international students will be collected by the Teaching Affairs Department of ZUST and be submitted to university for examination and approval.

(IV).. A list of major-changing students will be posted on the website of Teaching Affair Department of ZUST at the beginning of the next semester. Major Changing Registration Form of ZUST (for international students) will be distributed. International students shall take these forms along with them to report to the relevant departments within the prescribed time and start the courses of the new major. Those who don’t register in time are considered giving up change of major;

(V). Course credits obtained before change of major will be accounted according to Regulation of ZUST Credits Substitution Enforcement (Department of Education, No. 6, 2012);

(VI). International students with approval to change major shall pay tuition fee according to the requirement of new major after registration in the major;

(VII). International students shall complete the learning task required by the new major within the prescribed time.


I. The university will respect the will of students and try to meet the reasonable requirements of students with teaching resources and teaching quality guaranteed.

II. The Teaching Affairs Department reserves the right of interpretation. Matters not mentioned will be decided upon university meeting.