Introduction to SOIE

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Introduction to SOIE

School of International Education (SOIE) of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is the centralized administration and service department for international students, consistingtheInternal Office, Admission Office, Project Development Office, Student Affairs Office and Teaching and Research Affairs Office, with 23 faculty members in total.

In 2021,there were 1,962 international students from 115 countries and regions pursuing their study in ZUST, including 1,380 degree students studying inrelevant schools in ZUST. ZUST offers 12 English-taught undergraduate programs and 11 English-taught master programsintotal. What’s more,all Chinese-taught programs areavailableforinternational students. In addition to the degree programs, ZUST also offers multifarious Chinese national conditions education courses including ChineseLanguage,Chinese Survey,China Today,ExploreChina, Chinese Society and Customs, etc.

In order toencourageexcellent international students to study in ZUST, ZUST has set up Scholarship for Outstanding New Students, Scholarship for Outstanding Undergraduate/Postgraduate, Scholarship for Outstanding Chinese Language Studentsand various individual scholarships. In addition, ZUST is also entitled to offer Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship and Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for international students.

SOIEoften organizesvariouscultural and sports activities and practical activities for all international students, such as Cultural Exploration, Chinese Speech Contest, International Cultural Festival, "Chinese Bridge" Competition, “A Journey of Discovery in Zhejiang” Cultural Performance, Confucius Cultural Festival, sports meeting, footballcompetition, volleyballcompetition, basketballcompetitionand so on, in which ZUST international students achieve impressive results.

ZUST also endeavors to improve the study and living conditions for international students. Thestudent dormitoryis well equipped with air conditioners, water heater, shower facilities, closets, desks, chairs, bookshelves, bedsand so on. Shared kitchens and communal laundry rooms are also available in the dormitory apartments for international students.

Welcome friends from all over the world to study in ZUST!