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Medical Check and Visa Application

Feb 3, 2023    Hits:

1.Registration Voucherof Residence for Visitors from Overseas

1)students living in LiuxiaRegion:

Dothe registration in the office A4-414 or you can go to Liuxia Police Station with your passport by bus 310 and get off at Liuxia Stop.

2) Students living in other regions:

Go to your local please for registration.

2. All new students need to do medical check or domedical confirmation, you need go to the following address to do physical check first with empty stomach: take bus B支7 get off at the City Hall and take a taxi to the place.

Physical Examination Address: Hangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, No.2 Wen San Avenue, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Bus Line (departure from the campus):

Method 1:Take Bus B-7 and get off at the City Hall, then walk about 1.3 kilometers or take a taxi to the destination.

Method 2;Take Bus 310 and get off at Huang chao Garden, transfer bus 54 and get off at Shen Tang Bridge, then walk about 600 meters to the destination.

3. With material needed: go to the following address to extend your visa: take bus B-7 get off at Huanbei Xincun Station and take

subway line 1 (Xianghu Direction) and get off at Jinjiang Road.

4.Please pay attention to your expiry date of your visa. If you need to extend your visa,please tell the office worker to prepare visa extension materials for you 2 weeks before your visa expires. You are responsible for your visa expiry if you do not tell us in advance.

5.When you get your passport from Visa Center,please come back to the office and show us your passport, for we need torecheck your visa.