Medical Services

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Medical Services

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Medical Services

HangzhouEmergency Center

Phone Number: 120

Medical services are provided for international students at the campus hospital as well as comprehensive hospitals in the city. You can choose according to your personal need.

The medical fee, transportation fee and other relevant fees should be paid by the student himself.


Campus Hospital:

Address: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology campus

Emergency Phone Number: 85070120

Hangzhou Xixi hospital

Address:the crossing at Tian-mu-shan-lu and surranding the city road.


Zhejiang lvcheng hospital



Sir Run Run Shao Hospital of College of Medicine of Zhejiang University:

Address: No. 3 Qing-chun East Road, Hangzhou

Phone: 86090073

Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Address: No. 453, Ti-yu-chang-lu, Hangzhou

Phone: 85157591

First Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University(Yuhang hospital):

Address: No. 1367, Wenyi Road, Hangzhou


Second Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Address: No. 68, Jie-fang-lu, Hangzhou

Phone: 87783883

Insurance Services

All international students should buy the group overall insurance in China, which coversPersonalInsurance RMB 100,000 Yuan, Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance RMB20,000 Yuan, Hospitalization Medical Insurance RMB400,000 Yuan,Disease OutpatientInsurance RMB20,000Yuan. It costs RMB400 Yuan for half a year and RMB800 Yuan for a year.Daily limit is 600 Yuan, the pay line is 650 Yuan (deductible franchise), the percentage is 85%.The medical establishment is limited to the public hospital in mainland of China.Medical treatment cost is limited to the scope of compliance with basic local social medical insurance range of project and fees.