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Safety Reminders

Jun 2, 2022    Hits:

Dear students,

The Drgaon Boat Festival is approaching. Holiday schedule and safety reminders are as follows:

1.Holiday time:

June 3 (Friday) to June5 (Sunday)a total of 3 days.

2.Safety Reminders

1)It is suggested to stay around your residential community. For students who do have to go outside Hangzhou, please ask for leave permit from your advisor IN ADVANCE with VALID REASON. Leaving Hangzhou without approval will be deemed as a severe violation of ZUST regulations and hence a ZUST warning for getting dispelled will be issued accordingly. In addition, students who plan to return to Hangzhou need apply from your advisor IN ADVANCE.

2)Proper personal protection measures like wearing a mask in public, washing hands frequently, reducing unnecessary gatherings and avoiding visiting crowded places should be taken. Do not participate in gathering activities, and there should be no more than 10 people at a dinner or a party. When going out on holidays, if taking public transport, keep a distance from other passengers, try to avoid talking with other people, reduce contact with public goods or parts of transport, and avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes with hands.

3)Finish health report everyday before 12:00 at noon. Report to your advisor if your health code changes color or if you have fever, cough or other symptoms.

4) Please complete the nucleic acid test every 72 hours. ZUST will arrange testing in Donghe apartment and Xihe apartment from 12:30 to 16:30 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Students can also do the test in the community near the school or in the community they live in.

5) Cherish your life and stay away from drugs.

6)Pay attention to the traffic safety and wear a helmet while driving.

7)Cooking or lodging guests in your school dormitory room is forbidden. Please use the public kitchen for cooking.

8) Smoking and fires are strictly prohibited in the campus forests;

9) Take good care of your belongings and valuables and be cautious with telecommunications fraud and property theft.

Take care and thank you for your cooperation. Wish you a nice holiday!