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Application Call for “Green Buildings for Future” Chinese Bridge Online Program

Nov 28, 2022    Hits:

“Green Buildings for Future” Chinese Bridge Online Program, a brand-new project, is on the way. It features a combination of Chinese language learning and architecture-themed lectures, which enables you to learn Chinese language well, understand Chinese culture better and get a hand on unique Chinese architecture culture, green buildings development & its practices and professional skills regarding green building design, optimization, etc. This FREE program lasts two weeks staring from December 12.

In area of civil engineering, ZUST has entered cooperation with universities in France, Germany, Belgium, Greece and others on talents cultivation, scientific research, architecture conservation and protection, etc. In 2022 July, the Sino-French Heritage Architecture Conservation Center, co-founded by ZUST, Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques, CY Cergy Paris Université and Université Gustave Eiffel, was listed among the first batch of one of the six cooperation programs of Sino-French Center by French Embassy in China.


Ø Courses & Lectures

Part One: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading

Part Two: Architecture-themed lecturers, including 8 live streaming lectures and 11 recorded lectures

Ø Seats

100 Seats. Students will be divided into 3 classes according to their Chinese language level, namely Class A for Chinese language at Beginner Level, Class B at Medium Level and Class C at Advanced Level

Ø Tuition: FREE

Ø Duration: December 12 to Dec. 23, 2022

Ø Registration: Before December 12, 2022


1.Non-Chinese native speakers who are interested in Chinese culture and language.

2.Applicants shall be in good physical and mental condition with good academic performance and integrity.

3.Program participants are required to submit Vlogs to show and share their study achievements and feelings. Meanwhile, program participants will be seen as no objection to the submission of their Vlogs to the “Chinese Bridge” website.

4.Applicants who are interested in Traditional Chinese Buildings, Green Buildings, Carbon Neutral Buildings and those who might have intention to pursue degree in Civil Engineering, Architectonics, etc(A plus but not a must).


1.Individual application

Please scan the following QR code for application. In the application, you are supposed to upload your scanned copy of passport page, please prepare it before you scan the QR code.

2.Group application

If you want to apply with your classmates as a group or through admission agent, please scan the following code to download application form, fill in all info required and then email the application form together with all scanned copy of passport page to


School of International Education, ZUST

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