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Highlights on Lecture 2 held by SOIE

Mar 19, 2023    Hits:

On the afternoon of January 4, 2022, SOIE (School of International Education) invited Li Jun, secretary of theSchool of Environment and Natural Resources, to give a lecture on “Provincial First-class Curriculum and new forms of teaching materials”. The lecture was presided over by Xia Junsuo, secretary of SOIE, and attended by all the staff of SOIE.

Secretary Li combined with entrepreneurship education teaching material construction and curriculum construction experience, shared that the new trend of the principle is to grasp the basic theory of education as well as the outline of the Ministry of Education, to apply “theory + practice + case” mode to reconstruct knowledge, and to realize constant update according to the era development, so as to avoid outdate textbooks. At the same time, through cases and demonstration vividly interprets the theory and method of entrepreneurship education course design, put forward the curriculum based on the ecological system construction of “education without walls”, build the comprehensive teaching system including resources system, classroom explanation, class environment, teaching questions, homework correction, teaching practice and so on. Professor Li meanwhile offers valuable opinions on the teaching team construction and curriculum construction of School of International Education. The teachers presented benefited a lot from the lecture and carried in-depth discussion with the lecture on the construction and development of national education courses.