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How to Explore the Ideological Elements in the Curriculum

Mar 19, 2023    Hits:


On the afternoon of May 16, 2022, SOIE invited Professor Dou Lizhen of the School of Marxism to carry out a lecture with the theme of “How to explore the ideological and political elements in the curriculum”. This lecture was presided over by Wei Jianhua, vice dean of School of International Education, and all the staff of SOIE attended the lecture.

Based on the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people in colleges and universities, ProfessorDou analyzed the “curriculum ideological goal” of education as well as its value. In the combination with the theory and practice of ideological education and the principle of unity of knowledge and practice, she analyzed in details about how to reach “curriculum ideological goal”, and in combination with her years of teaching experience, she described in detail how to explore the ideological elements in the curriculum, how to integrate it into teaching, and recommended the basic methods and skills to attain the goal.

This lecture is very informative, through which our teachers further improved their understanding of “curriculum ideological elements”, and gained ideas and solutions to carry out teaching reform, teaching design, teaching practice related to “curriculum ideological elements”.