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FAQs for New Semester
Hits: Date:2023-02-12

1. Q: What is the school calendar like for the 2023 Spring Semester?


Registration Day

Classes Begin

Summer Holiday

Current students

Feb. 18-19, 2023

Feb.20, 2023

July.1, 2023


Q: What should students who are out of China do for the new semester?

A: All current students are required to submit your personal information and proof of fee payment before Feb. 20, 2023 to your advisor and attend class on time. Besides, since China has opened the border, it is suggested that students contact your advisor to get the requirements and prepare to return to China. There is possibility that online teaching might phase out in the coming future, therefore coming back to China is necessary.


Q: What are the requirements for students to return to campus?

A: All students should carry out daily health monitoring one week before returning to campus. In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms, antigen or nucleic acid test should be carried out. If the results are abnormal, please inform your advisor as soon as possible and delay your return. According to the current policy, students should enter the campus with blue campus code and wearing a mask. Therefore, all students need to fill and send back the Health Report Form to apply for blue campus code.


Q: If the current students can’t register on time, what will happen?

A: If students cannot register on time or provide complete materials, please apply for leave with your advisor before Feb 20,2023. Those who fail to complete registration before March. 30, 2023 will be deemed to have given up their study automatically.


Q: What should students do after returning to school?

A: Consciously abide by the local and school management regulations. Please carry out a 7-day health monitoring after returning to campus. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, including cough, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, etc., please report to the advisor and seek medical service as soon as possible. School clinic is open at any time and the number is 85070120.


Q: The first week of the new semester is Exam Week. What should students do if they have questions about examinations, course selection and classes for the new semester?

A: For these specific questions, please ask the teacher in charge of teaching and academic affairs of your major school in time when the semester begins.


Q: For current students whose visa is about to expire, what should they do?

A: Students who are in China need to finish fee payment and contact their respective advisor two weeks in advance to prepare all relevant visa application materials.


Q: How to pay my new semester tuition fee?

A: 1. Using Alipay: We have started utilizing Alipay’s QR code which can greatly simplify your fee payment. Please click this link to get payment steps:

2. By Bank Transfer/International Remittance

If you don’t have an Alipay account or you are not in China, you can choose bank transfer or international remittance. Please send the picture of bank transfer to your advisor and bring the payment receipt and its photocopy when you come to campus. Here is our account information:


  号: 19030101040006801(人民币)



开户行:  中国农业银行杭州市保俶支行


  址: 杭州市曙光路122

  话: 0086 571 85774115

Name: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Account: 19030101040006801RMB

       19030114040001011US Dollars


Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Hangzhou Baochu Sub-Branch

Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ110

Add: No.122, Shuguang Road, Hangzhou, China

Phone: 0086 571 85774115


Q: What is the deadline for fee payment?

A: According to the university regulations, students are required to pay one-year fees within one month after the new semester begins, which is March 20,2023.

If you have any questions about registration of the new semester, please contact your advisor in time.