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Recruitment of Qibin Group
Hits: Date:2022-04-11

About Us

Established in 2005, Qibin Group is an innovative national high-tech enterprise with more than 10,000 employees and nearly 30 subordinate factories at home and abroad. Our major business is the research and production of float glass, energy-saving building glass, low-iron ultra-white glass, photovoltaic photoelectric glass, electronic glass, medicinal glass. Our stock code: 601636. At present, the market capitalization of Qibin group is 50 billion.

Salary and Benefits

Ø Monthly salary: rmb6,000-10,000, even rmb200,000-300,000 one year.

Ø Free on weekends, having meal supplement, accommodation, allowance, holiday benefits, annual leave.

Ø Clear career planning and fast promotion channel.

Ø Internship is allowed.

Job requirements

Ø Production, sales, functions, research and development

Ø Major is not limited, 21, 22 Southeast Asian fresh graduates


Ø In China: Hunan-Zhuzhou, Guangdong-Heyuan, Zhejiang-Changxing, Tianjin

Ø In other countries: Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi, Philippines-Manila, Singapore-Singapore, Thailand-Bangkok, Indonesia-Jakarta, India-Mumbai, South Korea-Seoul

Job Hunter Go is a platform to promote internship and employment of international students in ZUST. We sincerely welcome you to contact us for cooperation in international students recruitment.

Contact: Ms. Yao/Mr Xu. Tel: 0571-85070145/0571-85070082 Email: