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A Letter to Students
Hits: Date:2022-01-05

Dear students,

The winter vacation is approaching soon. In order to have a safe, happy and meaningful vacation, ZUST would like to remind you of the winter vacation safety guidelines as follows:

1.Please stay in Hangzhou and don’t leave Hangzhou without permission; It is forbidden to travel to high or medium risk places;Leaving Hangzhou without approval will be deemed as a severe violation of ZUST regulations and hence a ZUST warning will be issued accordingly which will disqualify the warning holder from scholarship application.Students who receive three warnings will be expelled from ZUST.

2.Please do the heath report before 12:00 at noon everyday

3.To ensure a campus free from covid-19, ZUST call for all students to take proper measures against covid-19: Pls wear masks in public places; If your health code changes color, please inform your advisor immediately;Wash hands frequently; Report immediately if you develop any symptoms.

4.Arrange your vacation properly. Make a proper vacation schedule regarding study, sports, rest and so on.Foster good living habits, and do not smoke, gamble or drink excessively. Cherish your life and stay away from drugs.Pay attention to the traffic safety and observe the traffic regulations while traveling or visiting friends. Abide by social morality and public order. Do not make noise in your room. Be careful with your valuables and be cautious of electricity, water, fire and so on.

5.Cooking or lodging guests in your school dormitory is forbidden. Please use the public kitchen for cooking. Put all your cooking utensil in the closet of the public kitchen.

6.Complete the necessary procedures before going for an internship outside, and take caution of fraud. Do not carry large amount of cash with you, and do not take the illegal number of passengers on bikes.Please shut off the electricity in your room if you leave for a long period of time.

7. The new semester starts from Feb.20, 2021 and classes start from Feb. 21. Please come back to class in time and do not skip classes. Coming back late will be considered as absence. Please apply in Dingtalk before you return to Hangzhou from other city. A 48-hour Covid-test will be needed.

8. Please pay school fees on time.

In a word, we hope you make a proper plan for the vacation and greet the new semester with abundant energy. We wish you a wonderful vacation!

School of International Education