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English-taught Communication Engineering (Internet of Things IoT Application) Bachelor Program Open for Application
Hits: Date:2021-12-28

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is located in Hangzhou, China, a city of innovation and vibrance, where numerous young people make it their home for innovation and entrepreneurship. Hangzhou is home to the Alibaba Group, the number one 5G city in China, and also the center of Internet of Things industry in Zhejiang Province. A large number of relevant professionals are in demand. With more than 20 years of history, Communication Engineering major at ZUST empowers students with technical skills preparing them for an exciting career path.

Major courses include

l Network Routing and Switching,

l Wireless Communications

l Embedded Systems,

l Sensor Networks

l Artificial Intelligence

l Machine Learning

l Machine Vision

supported by specialized facilities including

l Huawei Mobile Communications Lab

l Huawei Wireless Networking Lab

l ZTE ICT Industry & Education Innovation Center

l Alibaba Cloud Smart IoT Lab

We combine software technology with the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and collaborated with Alibaba Cloud IoT to found the Alibaba Cloud Smart IoT Lab at ZUST. The lab incorporates the latest popular wireless communication technologies for IoT, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, NBIOT, Lora and 4G. A wide range of applications including

l agricultural environment monitoring

l cold chain logistics

l energy monitoring

l bicycle sharing

l smart parking

all can be realized conveniently using the communication and management function of the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform.

The Smart IoT lab also provides a variety of embedded control and application equipment including Arduino Raspberry Pi, STM32 development boards. Learning through embedded systems enables students to master the ability of both software and hardware development, laying the foundation of designing and developing communication equipment and IoT systems. It expands the application of communication technology in new industrial technology in the fields of

l Smart IoT

l Industrial Internet

l Big data

l Artificial intelligence

and so on.

Communication Engineering graduates are widely welcome by well-known employers all around the world such as

l Huawei Uzbekistan

l Nokia Shanghai Bell

l MTN Rwanda

l ...

Some graduates proceed to further studies at universities around the world, such as

l Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany)

l Zhejiang University of Technology

l Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

This is communication engineering, where your dreams start.