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Application Call for “Chinese Bridge” Free Online Program
Hits: Date:2021-11-22

一、 项目介绍

Program introduction



This free online program aims at meeting the learning needs of Chinese culture and language lover, maintaining their enthusiasm and improving their Chinese proficiency.

Except Chinese language courses, this program will also present a series of lectures about Chinese Culture, which will showcase a historic Hangzhou from aspects of Tea culture, intangible cultural heritage, specialty food, legendary stories. In addition, this program will also display a modern, internationalized and intellectual Hangzhou by introducing Colorful life of international students in Hangzhou, the future opportunities for international expats and mobile payment in daily life.

1. 课程内容:汉语课以及 “中国文化”系列讲座,内容包括跟着古诗词游西湖、非遗文化、杭州传奇故事、杭州与茶和杭州国际人才的未来发展机遇等。

Courses of program: Chinese classes and series lectures of Chinese culture, including topics such as Touring Westlake under the Guidance of Classic Poetry, Introduction of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Legendary Stories of Hangzhou, Hangzhou and Tea, the Globalization of Hangzhou and the Future Opportunities for International Expats, etc.

2. 项目时间:2022年1月4日至17日

Time: January 4 to17, 2022

3. 教学模式:根据汉语水平不同,进行分班教学。

Enrollment amount: Students will be divided into 2 classes according to their Chinese level.

4. 费用:免费

Tuition fee: free

5. 报名时间:2021年11月23日至12月23日

Registration time: November 23 to December 23, 2021

6. 证书:完成课程要求后,项目学员将获得本项目结业证书。

Certificate: Upon fulfilling program completion requirements, students will be awarded with Program Completion Certificate.  


REQUIREMENTS: All applicants shall be

1. 汉语非母语且对中国文化和汉语有兴趣者。

Non-Chinese native speakers who are interested in Chinese culture and language.

2. 身心健康,品学兼优。

In good physical and mental condition, well performed both academically and behaviorally.

3. 学员须在结课后提交视频反馈(Vlog),展示学习成果、心得并同意我校将其视频上传到“汉语桥”官网。

Students of this program are required to submit Vlogs to show their study achievement and feelings. Meanwhile, applicants of this program will be seen as no objection to the submission of their videos to Chinese Bridge website.



1. 打开网上申请系统:并注册账号。(建议使用谷歌浏览器)

Open online registration system: and register an account. Google Chrome is recommended

2. 点击“我同意”后再选择“短期团组”,无需扫描二维码。

Tick I agree and then choose Short-term Program category. No need to scan the QR code.

3. 申请“汉语桥”项目

Apply Chinese Bridge

4. 填写申请信息

Fill in application information

5. 在线提交申请材料

Upload application materials online.




Application Documents

A.  A Scanned copy of passport photo page

B.  ID photo


After uploading required materials, the application will have come to the end and can skip the step of application fee as this program is free. Teachers will inform applicant of application result through email so please make sure that the email address you fill is correct.

联系方式 Contact


International Student Affairs Center, ZUST


Tel:  +86-571-85070141, +86-571-85070080, +86-571-85070095


No. 318, Liuhe Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province