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The 9th Competition of Cozy Dorm
Hits: Date:2021-10-29

ZUST will roll out the 9th Competition of Cozy Dorm, which aims to improve the living environment and promote the health condition of students. Evaluation standard this year adopts stricter requirements. Consisting of personnel from School of International Education, dorm office and ISU, evaluation teams will go door to door to evaluate and grade rooms on November 2nd (Tuesday). The winning room will be awarded a certificate of Cozy Dorm and bonus like we did last year. On the contrary, rooms with bad sanitary conditions will be demanded to improve sanitation accordingly. Here are some tips for you to get a high score.

1.Please open the windows and ventilate your room as much as possible, since dirty air brings bad smell, bacteria and disease.

2.Please put away all your electrical appliances and use them in the public kitchen only. Cooking in the room is dangerous and students caught doing so will be punished.

3.Please take care of the furniture and facilities in the room. Do not remove or damage them, and treat them as if they were your own property.

4.Please throw away trash in a timely manner. Keeping trash in the room produces a foul smell in the air and creates bacteria.

5.Please make your bed everyday and put your clothes in the correct place to make your room neat and tidy.

6.Decorate your room with national features of your country to make it home and more international.