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Notice of Obeying Class Regulations
Hits: Date:2021-10-21

Dear all students,

ZUST will organize the activity of Constructing Excellent Academic Atmosphere which will last for one month from Oct. 25 till Nov. 25, 2021.

We remind you of the following issues:

1. Do not be late or leave early. Do not skip class without asking for leave.

Students whose attandance is 100% can apply for university Academic Scholarship.Students who are absent or late will be recorded in system and students are absent for 4 times in one academic year in spot check can not apply for scholarship.Students advisors will come to your classroom to check attendance.

2. Students who are absent for more than 50 teaching periods in one semester will be expelled.

3. Students who do not attend class for 2 weeks in succession without any reasons will be expelled.

School of International Education