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Hits: Date:2021-06-10

Me and ZUST

From (January) 2017 my journey in China began, where I first started by acquiring some knowledge in Chinese language for a year to enable me to socialize and interact with my new environment and then I dived into my 4 academic years.

There were many ups and downs during my academic periods and as a class monitor, I had the responsibility to lead and be a good example for my classmates. I had to focus and put a lot of effort to keep pursuing what I came to do here in China even when it was really hard for me. Nevertheless, I had my family and friends by my side; the perfect support system needed me to succeed and today I am really thankful and honored to walk as a graduate student from ZUST and hold a bachelor degree certificate in International Economics and Trade because the money spent on me by my parents and the opportunity given to me by the school weren’t in vain.

During my journey at ZUST, I marched into student life with a plan to reinvent myself into this well-rounded, intelligent, compassionate, and self-sufficient young woman. I would say that I got all this plus more at ZUST and I wouldn’t want to change anything.

Apart from the academic side, I really had fun and enjoyed the school activities in one of which I had the privilege to sing. That’s one of my hobbies that I love so much. And on the other hand, I got the chance to socialize and got to know several other students from different countries, I learned so many things not only related to school but helpful for life and self-growth. I was rewarded some certificates by the school for joining in many activities and also, I got a hard-working scholarship. I can only say one thing that ZUST was, is and will be a home, where cultures meet as a unique family.

Farewell Messages

My time spent at ZUST has been a fruitful and unforgettable experience and may ZUST keep growing and releasing good products for the society all over the world.

I would like to congratulate all the graduate students because I know it wasn’t an easy path but WE MADE IT! Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my teachers for the knowledge I acquired, especially my supervisor Dr. Chen Qianqian for her guidance throughout my thesis and lastly.

I wish you all a bright future, stay safe and I hope to see you again soon. And for those who are following behind, I am encouraging you to work hard despite the difficulties that may occur in front of you, your efforts will definitely pay off.