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Notice on Application for the Honorable Title of 2021 Outstanding Graduates
Hits: Date:2021-06-02

Dear students,

To identify the best graduates, the honorable title of 2021 Outstanding Graduate is open for application by June 7th.

1. Applicants: Undergraduate graduates

2. Quota: 10% of 2021 Graduates


(1) Compliance with Chinese laws and ZUST rules without any warnings or punishments and a good record of prompt clearance of tuition fees;

(2) Satisfactory study performance without bad records in exams;

(3) Active participation in extracurricular activities organized at ZUST and above and honorary title holders will enjoy extra credits in review process;

(4) Completion of major courses and eligibility for bachelor degree by 2021 June;

(5) No less than two scholarships of Excellent Degree Student Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarships, Zhejiang Government Scholarships or other government-level scholarships.

4. Application Materials

(1) Application Form for Outstanding Graduates Studying at ZUST;

(2) 2017-2021 academic transcripts with GPA;

(3) Digital copy of certificates of participation for extracurricular activities and certificates of scholarships and honorable titles.

5. Deadline

Please submit application materials to your advisor before 16:30 of June 7th.

Please scan this following QR code and download  Application Form of Outstanding Graduates Studying at ZUST

School of International Education of ZUST

2 June 2021