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ATTENTION: Super Cold Wave is coming!
Hits: Date:2020-12-29

Dear students:

According to the latest data analysis, a strong cold wave is coming on Dec. 29, 2020 due to the strong cold air. It is expected that there may be northerly fresh gale of 7-8 in the main urban area of Hangzhou, with a cooling degree of more than 10°C, and the lowest temperature may reach minus 6°C. During this process, the temperature drop is large and the temperature is low.

Tips for Cold Wave:

1. ZUSTers should pay attention to coldness by keeping warm and adding clothing in time.

2. Please pay attention to protecting yourself from common infectious diseases or flu in winter.

3. Given the current pandemic situation, pay attention to your own safety, do not go to areas with high risk of the epidemic. When you take public transportation, take elevators or go to supermarkets and other places where people gather, remember to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and do a good job of protection; if you have fever, you must go to the fever clinic of public hospital in time and report to your ADVISOR in ISAC in time.

Special Reminders: It is prohibited to use electric blanket, electric heater and other high-powered appliance in your room.

ISAC 2020.12.29