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Paper of ZUST International Student Published in Top Academic Journal 《ACS Catalysis》
Hits: Date:2020-10-29

Recently,ZUST international student Aqsa Noreen, from Pakistani, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology, published the paper “One-pass Hydrogenation of CO2 to Multi-branched Isoparaffins over Bifunctional Zeolite Based Catalysts”in an top academic journal “ACS Catalysis”.This paper is one of the highest quality papers  published by ZUST students. In addition, she also teamed up with her supervisors and other teammates, conducted experimental studies, and published two other papers:“Syngas to isoparaffins: Rationalizing selectivity over zeolites assisted by a predictive isomerization model”and “Fabricating Fe Nanoparticles Embedded in Zeolite Y Micro-Crystals as an Active Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis”.

Aqsa Noreen has been working hard on her study and scientific research since her first year in our school.

In recent years, with support of school leaders, ISAC office (International Student Affairs Center) and the secondary school have cooperated closely to improve students’scientific research ability and we sincerely hope more and more students would achieve outstanding results in your study.