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暑假安全Q&A /Q&A of 2020 Summer Vacation
Hits: Date:2020-07-17

The summer vacation is approaching soon. In order to offer more information and let all students have a safe and meaningful vacation, ZUST would like to issue the following Q&As:

1.Q: What is the duration of this summer vacation?

A: The 2020 Summer Vacation will start from July 20 and the new semester will start from September 18.

2. Q: Does ZUST have any suggestions to students regarding to daily life during the holiday?

A: Yes. Our suggestions are as follows:

1) Make a proper vacation schedule regarding study, sports, rest and so on;

2) Foster good living habits, and do not smoke, gamble or drink excessively.

3) Pay attention to the traffic safety and observe the traffic regulations while traveling or visiting friends.

4) Abide by the social morality code and public order. Do not make noise in your room. Be careful with your valuables and be cautious of electricity, water, fire and so on.

5) Apply for an internship visa before going for an internship outside and take caution of fraud.

6) Please shut off the electricity in your room if you leave for a long period of time.

7) According to regulations, all students are required to pay school fees year by year. Please be prepared for the new semester.

3. Q: What matters do ZUST want to emphasize to students?

A: 1) Drugs are harmful and dangerous. Cherish your life and stay away from drugs.

2) Cooking or lodging guests in your school dormitory is forbidden. Please use the public kitchen for cooking.

3) Do not swim in local rivers, lakes or ponds.

4. Q: 2020 is a difficult year for all humankind. Does ZUST have any requirements or advices to all students?

A:Yes. For the safety of all students, we would like to offer the following information:

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