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ISU Election Results
Hits: Date:2020-07-14

What is ISU?

The ZUST International Student Union referred to as the ZUST ISU is an organization of self-management and self-service that represents all international students of ZUST. It is therefore a bridge and link between the university authorities and international students. ISU is devoted in bringing together international students in every aspect of student life, fostering a better understanding as well as cooperation among diverse cultures. The ISU is organized and led by a group of elected students who are eager to serve international students in various aspects supported and guided by the International Student Affairs Center (ISAC).

2020 ISU Election Results

After a successful manifesto delivery by the election candidates on the 8th of July 2020, international students of ZUST casted their votes online to determine the next academic year’s ISU leadership. Besides students’ votes, there are other 2 criteria that were used to determine the final results that included; the ISAC votes and candidates’ application materials evaluation.

The ISAC would like to congratulate the following students and forthwith give them authority to design a cabinet of ministers for the respective organs of the union. We wish them all the best for the entire tenure as they shall assume their responsibilities hereafter.