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留声Zehra Çetin 天道酬勤,青春无悔
Hits: Date:2020-07-15

My name is Zehra Çetin from Turkey. I’m a graduating student in Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. I still have remembered the first day, September 15, 2017, when I arrived at ZUST with two suitcases and a heart full of dreams as my classmates.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. It is incredible how time flies, it is incredible how fast everything can happen and how a situation can change all your plans. I believe that we will never be able to forget the magical time that China offered to us.

Two and a half years’ experience at ZUST have allowed me to grow, change and improve. It is two and a half years in which I have learned from new cultures, strengthened my academic knowledge and marked my life. I won some awards, published articles and more importantly, I am proud to say that I can speak fluent Chinese now.

In ZUST, thanks to the experience of taking part in some activities in and outside school, I got the chance to meet new people, realized that language is not an obstacle to make friends. It is not easy to cross the world, come to a country with a different culture and traditions, and study in another language. I know that every international student has to fight hard for this title. I’m proud of myself because I made it!

We will finally know what we want to be in one day. Please use everything you have learned here and be strong. I am sure that the best ideas will be born in difficult times. And I am sure that each of you will take this situation as an opportunity to grow.

Dear graduates, we reached the goal of graduation, but it is not the end. Many more challenges and success will come in the future. For now, I can just wish happiness and health to you all.

Dear Zehra Çetin, thank you for having been a part of this big International family. Dear ZUST, thank you for the opportunities I was given. 加油!