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留声Azizjon Gayratrov 胸怀初心,圆梦中国
Hits: Date:2020-07-13

I am Azizjon Gayratrov from Uzbekistan, and I graduated from the major of computer science and technology this year. My great interest in coding and my strong willing to have exposure to foreign life led me to come to China in 2016. Another thing that inspired me to come to china was multibillion-dollar company “Alibaba” where I am about to get a job.

Having done long-lasting research about Chinese Universities, I chose ZUST and took the risk of coming to China without knowing any Chinese and any friends in china. During the initial months, I felt incredible loneliness until I started participating in social activities organized by ISU, as a result filling my life with joy and my studies with productivity. So one of the most important tips that I would give for the freshmen and sophomore students is to throw yourselves into activities and societies, or just striking up conversations with random people at the Donghe street or Kafu town which is located inside of the wonderful campus- you'll make so many friends throughout the year in the oddest of places.

For the first year can often be a little lighter academically than subsequent years, so during my freshman year I turned out to be successful in terms of studying, but on the other hand it wasn’t very productive when it comes to social life. My everyday routine would start from Tingsong dormitory going to classes, and then coming back to my room to study.

When I was sophomore I took part in a few school trips and activities. As a consequence of one of these, I would get the chance to be a part of Chinese national RAMUNION team member in Dragon boat festival which was hold in Xixi wetland park.

The journey wasn’t an easy one but with God on my side and working hard throughout, I made it this far. One thing I would say is: strive hard to make the best out of every situation you find yourself. You should always believe that you can make it, put in effort and surely success will be your reward. Lastly, I would show appreciation by thanking all the teachers especially my thesis supervisor PHD Professor Ms Ye Lu for her guidance throughout my thesis.

Finally, now I am graduating it proves that anything is possible if you have the risk, determination, and guidance from your teachers to achieve your goal. Hopefully you learn something from my base experience to reach the starts.