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留声Voice of Graduates /ABBAN PRISCILLA NYAMEKYE -迎接挑战,成就快乐
Hits: Date:2020-06-29

    ABBAN PRISCILLA NYAMEKYE is my name, I am a Ghanaian and final year student of International Economics and Trade. My life in China started on February 28th 2016. I came as a Chinese language student to have a fair idea of Chinese culture and also study the language then return to my country for my undergraduate which would be linguistics. Right from childhood, learning a different language aside solving mathematical and situational problems has been something that I have interest in. Therefore, coming to China as a language student was like a dream come through.

    After spending three months in China, I realized I can kill two birds at the same time by pursuing an undergraduate program and further studying Chinese alongside. With this, I decided to pursue International Economics and Trade after the semester language program. Coming out with this major wasn’t an easy decision as I was a language student from senior high school with History, French and Government as electives. I knew Economics would be something new and a bit challenging but I chose it.

    ZUST gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of being able to speak, read and write a different language and also be an economist. I also had the chance of meeting friends who have become more than a family. Throughout my stay in ZUST, not only did I focus on the language and my major but I also served as a class monitor and participated in school voluntary activities.

    Colin Powell said “there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to fail before you start working hard but your initial preparation and hard work would definitely lead to success. My hard work towards studies was handsomely rewarded. I started my studies on the ticket of Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship (category B). In 2016/2017, I got ZUST excellent degree scholarship (first class). In 2017/2018, I was awarded ZUST excellent degree scholarship (first class) and Academic Diligence Scholarship of ZUST. In 2018/2019, I received the ZUST excellent degree scholarship (first class).

    The journey wasn’t an easy one but with God on my side and working hard throughout, I made it this far. One thing I would say is: strive hard to make the best out of every situation you find yourself. You should always believe that you can make it, put in effort and surely success will be your reward. Lastly, I would show appreciation by thanking all the teachers especially my thesis supervisor Dr. Fangfang Cheng for her guidance throughout my thesis.